Side view of a dark blue sports car with white lettering and a TUNAP logo on a green meadow

TUNAP E-Mobility | E-Missions

E-Mobility Begins in our Minds ...

... and by familiarizing ourselves with the technology itself. For this reason, TUNAP has expanded its fleet with a Tesla S P85D.

The Tesla is available to all employees for business trips and for the joint development of product solutions.

We have been able to collect several thousand kilometers of practical experience - with minimal emissions.

Reports of our Employees

"A battery-powered vehicle with incredible acceleration and roadholding at acceptable reach."

"Keeping the environment clean is more important to me than getting there as fast as possible."

"I can highly recommend the technique"

"Amazing driving experience, matching the set driving mode ..."

"Anyone who has ever traveled with such a car knows what the future will manifest"

Orange charge cable stuck into the tank opening of a white car

Our Motivation

Bringing people, the environment and technology in harmony, Today and in the future.

That's what TUNAP stands for.

Fossil fuels are becoming scarcer and more expensive, too high CO2 emissions lead to a negative change in the climate. Vehicles with alternative drive systems have therefore become increasingly important in politics and industry.

Legs and sneakers on the pedals of a black e-bike

E-Technology Research

Within the scope of "E-Technology Research", we also carry out intensive research and development in the field of electromobility.

Our goal is to be a strong partner for companies involved in alternative drive technologies and e-mobility and to expand existing cooperation in this area. For chemical-technical product solutions and new, specially developed service concepts.